?Behind the scarcity of skilled talents is more social examination questions. In recent years, the problem of "difficult enrollment" and "shortage of skilled workers" has become the focus of public opinion. During the final of the 24th rejuvenation cup national youth vocational skills competition, the reporter interviewed the teachers of vocational colleges, relevant staff of enterprises, fitters, welders and other competitors, and found that many factors, including social concepts, employment orientation and so on, caused the current shortage of skilled talents. Difficult to recruit students: Wang Huilin is the technical guide of the welder project of Hebei team in the final of the revitalization cup. The two welders of Hebei team this year are all his favorite students. However, he also has some worries behind "complacency." now it's more and more difficult to train a good welder, "Wang Huilin told China Youth Daily, China Youth Online." when enrolling students, we are also sparing no effort to introduce the current national policy, showing students and parents the well-equipped practice base, but in the impression of many people, welders are a hard and tiring job. pk10极速赛车在线计划 Children, not only students do not want to learn, parents do not want to let children suffer from this. Wang Huilin told China Youth Daily Zhongqing online that at present, enrollment has become a "big problem" for welders in vocational education. Hebei locomotive technician college, which he taught, is one of the earliest technical schools in China and one of the key technical and engineering schools in Hebei Province. It's such a school's welder major. There are different classes and students in secondary vocational enrollment. It can only be inserted into other professional classes. In the higher vocational stage, there is barely one class, but the quality and number of students are not satisfactory.